YANMAR – N330 – N280 – N260 – CYLINDER LINER


YANMAR - N330 - N280 - N260 - CYLINDER LINER

MARINETECH Ship Spares LLC having extremely large stock of Engine and Parts for MARINE and POWERPLANT application. More than 5000 main components of 4 Stroke diesel generator engines in stock. New, Recondition and Quality Controlled Re-usable parts for all known brands and models including YANMAR and many more. Mainly consist of Crankshaft, Engine block, Camshaft, Liner, Cylinder Cover, Piston, Connecting Rod, Fuel Pump, Water Pump, Lub Oil Pump, Fuel Feed Pump, Air Cooler, Governor, After Cooler, Air Starter, Gear Rim, Bearing, Piston Ring, Valve, Seat, Plunger, Injector, Piston Pin and various consumable parts. www.marinetechdubai.com



8N330L-EN, 8N330L-SN, 8N330L-UN, 8N330L-GV

6N330L-EN, 6N330L-SN, 6N330L-UN, 6N330L-GV

8N280L-EN, 8N280L-SN, 8N280L-UN, 8N280L-EV, 8N280L-SV, 8N280L-UV

6N280L-EN, 6N280L-SN, 6N280L-UN, 6N280L-EV, 6N280L-SV, 6N280L-UV

6N260L-EN, 6N260L-SN, 6N260L-UN, 6N260L-EV, 6N260L-SV, 6N260L-UV, 6N260L-GV