ALFA LAVAL – MOPX205 – MOPX207 – MOPX209 – MOPX210 – MOPX309


ALFA LAVAL - MOPX205 - MOPX207 - MOPX209 - MOPX210 - MOPX309

MARINETECH Ship Spares LLC Dubai, supply recondition OIL PURIFIER / SEPARATOR for marine and industrial application. Extremely large ready stock with testing and comprehensive technical reports. Including most known brands such as ALFA LAVAL, MITSUBISHI, WESTFALIA. Our major strengths are Extensive Huge Stock, Abundant experience of 65 years in engineering, Most experienced workshop, Worldwide supply from DUBAI.



S928, S938, S948, S958, S968, S978, S988

S927, S937, S947, S957, S976, S977, S987

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S805, S815, S821, S825, S826, S831, S835, S840, S841

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MOPX205, MOPX207, MOPX209, MOPX210, MOPX213, MOPX309, MOPX310

MAPX204, MAPX205, MAPX207, MAPX210, MAPX309, MAPX313

MAB102, MAB103, MAB104, MAB204, MAB205, MAB206, MAB207

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FOPX605, FOPX607, FOPX609, FOPX610, FOPX611, FOPX613, FOPX614, FOPX616

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