MAN – NR34R, NR29R, NR26R, NR24R, NR20R, NR15R


MAN - NR34R, NR29R, NR26R, NR24R, NR20R, NR15R

MARINETECH Ship Spares LLC Dubai, supply re-usable complete TURBOCHARGER for marine and industrial application. Extremely large ready stock of most known brands including MAN and other. Also parts such as gas casings, air casings, bearing casing, filter silencer, turbine rotor shaft, impeller, diffuser, nozzle ring, turbine bearing, blower bearing, oil pump. Our major strengths are Extensive Huge Stock, Abundant experience of 65 years in engineering, Most experienced workshop, Worldwide supply from DUBAI.



TCA88, TCA77, TCA66, TCA55, TCA44, TCA33

TCR22, TCR20, TCR18, TCR16, TCR14, TCR12, TCR10

TCX23, TCX21, TCX19, TCX17, TCX15, TCX13, TCX11, TCX09

NR34S, NR29S, NR24S, NR20S, NR17S, NR14S, NR12S

NR34R, NR29R, NR26R, NR24R, NR20R, NR15R

NA70T9, NA57T9, NA48S, NA34S, NA29S

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