Piston Ring

Large inventory of PISTON for medium speed engines and PISTON CROWN + PISTON SKIRT for slow speed engines, available in ready stock for immediate delivery.

For Large-Bore-Slow-Speed engines, NEW, UNUSED and Recondition Piston Crown and Piston Skirt are available with class certificates.

Slightly used piston crown with Standard groove size, within makers allowable tolerance limit, are also available with complete inspection report.

For Small-Bore-Medium-Speed engines, NEW piston available from German, Japanese and Korean original manufacturer, as well as reliable OE manufacturer with guaranteed quality.

We also maintain large inventory of PISTON RINGS, including:
Plain, ALU-Coated, Ceramic Coated and Cermet rings for Large-Bore-Slow-Speed engines
Regular and Chrome Plated piston rings for Small-Bore-Medium-Speed engines.