Well equipped and class approved workshop facility in Dubai, with abundant experience of marine and industrial engineering since 1960.

INSPECTION and REPAIR of Engine Major Components with Class Certificate
Crankshaft, Cylinder Block, Cylinder Cover, Connecting Rod, Piston, Piston Rod, Valve Spindle and Seat

RECONDITIONING of Ship Machinery with Test Reports
Air and Refrigeration Compressor, Hydraulic Equipment, Purifier, Turbocharger, Pump, Governor, Heat Exchanger

All types of NON DESTRUCTIVE (N.D.) test facility

  • Laser Alignment Check
  • Megnaflux Crack Detection (MPI)
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Check
  • Roughness Check
  • Calibration & Tolerance Check
  • Trueness & Bending Check
  • Hardness Test
  • Hydraulic Pressure Test
  • Sand Blast & Chemical Cleaning